The Beach House has been open for around a year and there has been quite a bit of turnover with the staff. The facility is beautiful and the staff has good intentions, but many just aren’t experienced enough to do the job on their own. Some of the nurses and aids are fantastic and treat the residents like their own mothers, but others are rude and defensive. Depending on your situation, you may also have hospice involved for care, oxygen, and medication. If that is the case, you will need to oversee both parties to make sure that they are communicating. I assumed initially that The Beach House would be responsible for everything related to the resident’s care, but I quickly learned that there were simple things that they were not responsible for. They won’t tell you up front, but you will have to figure that out. The nursing staff is very junior and they have been through multiple Director’s of Nursing in the short time they have been open, but hopefully they will fill that position and get the experienced staff that residents deserve. The Beach House has a solid playbook, but some of it has not been fully implemented yet. Read the agreements carefully, ask a lot of questions, and get involved!