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Living Options

At Pine Lodge, our Care Team respectfully listen to our residents. They show compassion, empathy, and are empowered to go above and beyond to care for or tackle a concern and treat residents like family. We make everyone feel at home and celebrate our residents’ individuality and enhance both our lives and the residents we care for. 

Respite Care

Short-Term Care

Urgent Placement

Assisted Living

In our community, residents enjoy a full range of social events and activities, plus the additional support of a staff trained to monitor and provide needed personal care. This includes supportive services like bathing, meal preparation, housekeeping and home maintenance.

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Respite Care & Short-Term Care

When at home caregivers need to step away for vacations, weekends, or emergencies, our community is here to provide qualified care in their absence to visiting residents.

Following hospitalization for surgery or illness, a short term stay with us under the care of our trained team could provide the recovery and rehabilitation support needed to prevent complications and costly hospital readmission.

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Urgent Placement

Our admissions process is designed to be quicker and easier than you might expect. When circumstances demand and safety allows, we can place residents into our community in a single day.

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Starting a Discussion on Senior Living Options

You’ve noticed that your loved one’s living arrangements no longer support their health and well-being. But how do you bring up the occasionally difficult subject of senior living?


Try to meet as a family before you speak to the individual. Listen to each other’s questions and concerns without creating stress for your loved one, and together you can agree on the best course of action. Ideally, you will present a consistent message to your loved one.


Telling a loved one “I’m concerned that you aren’t taking your medication” is a much better way to discuss your parent’s health than “You’ve been forgetting to take your medicine.”


Involve your parent in the decision-making process, listening closely to their thoughts and feelings.


Bear in mind you may not reach a consensus after the first talk. Change, and leaving a home full of memories, isn’t easy. You may need to revisit the subject several times over a few weeks or months.

It’s best for everyone involved if you establish an open, comfortable dialog where the family is involved and feels at ease in discussing and making decisions about senior living options.

For more information on Senior Living Options, call us at 9036-571-563 or complete the form and we will follow up with you shortly.

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